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APS Logistics International | India Office


Greetings from APS Logistics India, your all-encompassing logistics ally. Since our inception in 2016, APS Logistics International Limited has transformed into a dynamic entity fueled by a team of seasoned experts. Our offerings span a comprehensive spectrum of logistics solutions, encompassing Air and Sea Freight, Warehousing, Purchase Order (PO) Management, Customs Clearance, Trucking, Garments on Hanger (GOH), RFID scanning, and a multitude of Value-Added Services (VAS). Anchored by a resilient global network that stretches across the world’s major oceans, we are impeccably poised to attend to your logistics needs with unmatched effectiveness and efficiency.


APS SSC, also known as APS-Logistics, was founded with the objective of collaborating with swiftly expanding international enterprises and corporations navigating through ever-evolving business landscapes. In response to this dynamic environment, we formulated a mission that empowers us to thrive across diverse business scenarios, thereby ensuring our continued success.

Our commitment revolves around delivering agile and tailored logistical solutions to these forward-thinking companies. These solutions not only address their immediate requirements but also seamlessly adapt to the perpetual transformation of their business models. We are dedicated to nurturing innovation, embracing change, and maintaining a position of leadership in the realm of logistics excellence. This commitment firmly establishes APS-Logistics as the reliable partner of choice for companies striving to excel in the ever-shifting global marketplace.


We work alongside the fastest growing international companies